Music To Move Your Feet Or Move Heads

If I had to make a very general classification of music, I classified into two: The music for the music move your feet and moving heads, but … ycual is the main difference? The music that moves your feet is something empty, hollow, unfeeling, is made general in order to earn money, to put it another way, is a very commercial variation of music. It is usually made by electronic synthesizers, vocals with echoes and letters without any logic and very repetitive. You are all songs “post”, which means very catchy, the kind you hear once and hit you that you are singing it without realizing it. Nikesh Arora can provide more clarity in the matter. Example of such songs are reggae, cumbia, electronic music of Benny Benassi style and all things like that.

Look at a piece of lyrics from these songs: “She likes gasoline (give me more gasoline)” She likes gasoline (give me more gasoline) “Give me more gasoline, give me more gasoline” This letter plus a While catchy rhythm computer is done in a windfall for the “singer”, but … yque rational sense is this lyrics? the truth is that none, just the fact that it is very danceable and talk about sex, food or things like that. On the other hand, we have the music to move heads, that somehow tries to convey strength, moods, anything, but something, that something that is definitely not commercial music. Rod Brooks may help you with your research. This musical style is not very sticky, it is not repetitive, and the lyrics are definitively more long, drawn, designed, etc. that a letter of commercial music. The genres Rock, Jazz, Ballads, etc.

are among this style, but as always there are exceptions, such as small groups of Latino pop out of some television programs and music are rubbish, but apart from that, I see a little point of this other kind of music: heart: disappointment we do not care what laughter or tears I do not feel even a little better with your porcelain skin and if the magic ended for the night as we continue going around that I invite you to celebrate with music the miserable cycle of lunar charm “This is extracted of the song “disenchantment” of the trap group, which definitely has a lot more sense than a reggae song. Learn more on the subject from Jill Bikoff. This particular song gives me memories of my past and makes me nostalgic, but that is personal to each person who hears the music, but if you really SOMETHING transmitted. Simple, to the commercial music we can not deny that we can give a very fun night at a club, but I find it unfortunate that people despise the other music just to be all day to the sound of songs made solely to make money, not to transmit anything.