Analyzing twenty hours of programming In day twenty and three of eight and a thousand April two we carry through a quantitative research, in which we record during twenty and four hours the programming directed for the national sender of television, Net Globe. During this writing the following numbers had been entered: Total of propagated propagandas: 115? Total of propagandas destined to the infantile public: 2? Total of destined propagandas the adults with children or evolvidas elements of the infantile universe: 6 We could perceive that the propagandas propagated directly to the infantile public had been few, but which had been of great utility for our evaluation how much the influence of the marketing in the children. The first propaganda to be analyzed was on the new sandal of the Moranguinho (Morangliter -) and other on the new tennis of the Sandy. The first one, Morangliter, were propagated three times and could perceive that such propaganda slightly arrives to be apelativa, therefore are the sandal that arrived for ‘ ‘ abalar’ ‘ is ‘ ‘ pure diverso’ ‘. Inside of the music of the respective propaganda ‘ has the following phrase; ‘ it only hides of its irmo’ ‘ , in this phrase we can see a fast disrespect with the familiar values and displays the divergence between brothers, but at the same time it can show certain ‘ ‘ dvida’ ‘ with regard to ‘ ‘ masculinidade’ ‘ of the brother. The second cited propaganda, Tennis of the Sandy, is come back more toward adolescents, but we consider that it can be for the infantile public whom had the fort influences of musics of the singer. The advertising is well simple, and it only propagates that the tennis is music for its feet, and does not have to be considered apelativa, it can only be confused that the tennis touches music leading the purchase and after that the disillusionment. Of excessively you deal propagated can be perceived that the majority of them is of certain apelativo form or brings ideas that can confuse and make aluses on a product.

One also perceives that almost all the commercial ones are propagated for the feminine public, either infantile it or not, thinks that this if must the biggest vulnerability of the same. Consideraes final With this research, we can conclude that each day more the children and the adolescents influence are displayed them of the televising media, and that they do not make the children well. Amongst these you influence are the formation of values, and preferences of marks mainly. The marketing is each apelativo day, and finishes causing strees familiar. We also conclude that the media is forming consumistas citizens, and that it is each more difficult day them parents to concur with the companies of marketing and its apelativas propagandas, but the parents cannot leave themselves to earn for the fatigue. We will also search to create and to stimulate class actions of work of parents and professors (mainly), therefore we believe that this is half the most efficient one of if fighting influence that the media has on the small ones. References LINN, Susan. Children of Consumo: Stolen infancy.