Veterinary Medicine

provisions of Act No. 54 of December 27, 1985 and the regulations enacted by Resolution No. 53/86 of June 14, 1986. ARTICLE 3: SCMVCD will be based in the City of Havana residing at Avenida Paseo No. 604 e / 25 and 27, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion municipality, constituting further regional affiliates with offices in their respective provinces under case, including the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud. ARTICLE 4: The main aims SCMVCD 4.1. Promote the development of Veterinary Desastrologia in the country, in the interest of participating actively in the various stages of the reduction of disasters that can affect people, animals, health, welfare and production as well as the environment or to man in the case of zoonoses.

4.2. Promote the development, training and preparedness in disaster reduction within the sector of veterinary science and related fields, who participate in these activities in the country. ARTICLE 5: SCMVCD as activities or undertakes the following main functions: 5.1. Officially represent their members and to the CCVC, at national, international or foreign, relating to Desastrologia Veterinary and participation in the activities related to the different stages envisaged in the cycle of disaster reduction. 5.2.Promover and support activities related to the Veterinary Desastrologia, especially in all matters relating to the measures that must plan, organize and ensure, at different stages to reduce those disasters that require the protection of animal health , welfare and production, the environment and the inherent aspects of Veterinary Public Health regarding zoonoses and control of the safety of food intended for human or animal consumption.