Project Environment

Proposal of Transdisciplinar Project TO THINK GLOBAL TO ACT LOCAL We cannot escape to the environment. It is everything what in the fence. We are also part of it, we live in it! (Anderson Herane) JUSTIFICATION OF THE PROJECT Law n 9.795/1999: Art. 1o Understands for ambient education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support. Chevron often says this.

Art. 2o the ambient education is an essential and permanent component of the national education, having to be present, of articulated form, in all the levels and modalities of the educative process, in formal character and not-deed of division (grifo ours). Considering the proposal educational of this Center of Young Education of Adult, centered in the principles of not the dissociao teach-research, and of the Inter and transdisciplinaridade, as well as guided by the Law n 9,795/1999, in whose Article 2 foresees the ambient education articulated in all the levels and modalities, is that the team of the Area of Sciences Social Human beings and presents this Project for the school year. Thinking over all about the proposal of this Center, of development of articulated collective Projects to the context of the community where if it finds inserted, we consider the subject considering the possibility of abrangncia of all the segments that compose this pertaining to school community and in accord with the Project to transdisciplinar of the new educational chains, whose thematic it is the Quality of Familiar Life. Thus, a project that it intends to unfold itself in Action, revealed pertinent, in the measure where it will make possible to reach this intention.

We Are Unjust Beings

I heard a man to say to its son Who has fear of rain is the adobe and the cowards At that moment I started to reflect In the full world of problem as somebody it dares to call who has fear of coward rain? As many families that beings wanted for rain had lost She will be that if some of this person will have fear of rain if becomes a coward? Rain took somebody that it loved is not natural to have fear? If it will be thus we must accept that all fear would be cowardice More it will be this possible one in the way of as many phobias? All have fears It ties the most courageous soldier has something that makes its heart to tremble Then a courageous Soldier would be coward therefore? All would be cowards? I understand that the man only says this its son not to have fear More will be that this is the certainty? He will be that we must encourage one lowering all the others? For me this is plus a preconception, therefore when somebody says that who has fear of something he is coward says this without knowing to that it has this fear Then this having a preconception how much all the others He only wanted sample as in the human beings we are in this text the majority of in the diminution to other people alone feeling itself well I obtain exactly I eat myself to call all weak leaves the somebody strongest thing I do not find this world unjust I find that people are unjust at many moments