Complutense University

In the last two decades, more than 50% of new medicines that we have in pharmacies are of biological origin, mainly from plants. They are becoming more worldwide scientific studies aimed at locating anti-tumour agents in plants. Taking into account that have been studied for these purposes between 7% and 10% of the 250,000 species of plants existing, it seems clear that they caven expect surprising findings in the future. The team of research in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II and pharmacology of the Faculty of pharmacy from the Complutense University of Madrid, currently evaluates fractions of essential oils from plants of the family Labitae (lavender, mint, Rosmarinus and Sage) to determine its activity cytotoxic and the desirability of its subsequent application in cancer treatments. As it cannot be otherwise, in spite of this study reveals the cytotoxic activity and antioxidant of the Sage, the research team must perform scans in vitro before a possible application in vivo in addition to other tests that will determine the real benefits in cancer treatment.

No doubt is a long way to go, but thanks to this team led by Dr. Maria Isabel Sanchez Reus suspect that future generations of drugs, will face look to this terrible disease and who knows if to overcome it will be finally plants our best ally in the fight against cancer? It could be, what is clear is that the majority of scientific explorations going along this path and that scientists involved in them are very optimistic. Just remember what I said at the beginning, today more than 50% of the medicines are made with them..


Also influence them the values that we have and the experience that we have accumulated throughout life, resulting in a knowledge that also influences. We express factors influencing the achievement of team roles, as we already know we act according to our experiences, motivations and the environment among other factors, they determine the behaviour of individuals with various tasks and moments of life. When it comes to play a role we show these aspects since we are the result of the union of the same, but when a role we pretend we are not highlighting our real form and for this reason may arise false expectations toward us. These expectations we want at times being created since we need a post or a specific place, but this will make the mistake of perhaps not able to adequately perform the assigned activity since it is not our way and we can not carry out required effectively. It considers that the value of theory constitutes the fact allow all, team and individuals, benefit from the knowledge of everyone and of course, thus allowing a greater adaptation to the environment.

Furthermore, it constitutes one of the most operational theories available currently for analysis and effective integration of work teams. He is added, shared team roles causes a greater understanding among people and that the expectations are more realistic, reason why it is less likely that disappointments occur. Main team roles of a person are who most appreciate the others since their development and performance is done with enthusiasm, which is due to that they are functions and skills where with a greater likelihood we achieved success. In the same way that we know what our skills and what role prefer to play us, we know the behaviors that we can do because of our inability to develop them properly, taking place a limit on learning the roles, which receives the name of avoided roles. There is a change of behavior of people sacrificing a role called.

This is when for certain reasons we can not play our favourite role, either because someone else is playing it or because there is a lack of a good example of a particular role in the team. Arises that team roles develop, mature and can even be modified with experience and training. You can also see various team roles in response to the needs demanded by a situation of the subject. Definitely, management must be fully identified with the relevance, reach that generates achieve teaming cohesive, recognize the importance of having clear purposes, enable them permanently, give them support and provide the best teams to the Organization to develop its functions. Should be achieved: having goals and functions perfectly defined and understood by all. Be perfectly trained to develop their functions. Be able to individually make decisions. Know resolve the any interpersonal conflicts. Have the necessary resources for the activities original author and source of the article.