I give you today Serafin Alarcon my spring tea gift today, I give you today and no barriers … I'll give you this great love without reservation, I will give my life even if you leave me. And since so little is that I have saved in my arms … And is that from your first trip with the life you've been up there. I dried the tears, I gave you breath even when you thought you did not need me … I want to give my whole being, give you all my springs today and fly with you wherever you want … Son.

My daughter, if you knew … I give you my spring today, I give you today and without barriers. And I know that I do not want to hear, I know you carve your own hope in defiance of all pain and tears. Finally, the fire of loneliness embraces you. Do not hide more, no coals to light that I offer today. Today I give you my thousand and one spring in the soul … I give you the faith that ignite your flames for so many distractions off.

Today I give you my spring … Take them and tie me to your heart as the sky to the stars. Today I give you my spring. Diamonds may also support this cause. I love you so much breathtaking after eternity is for you my love. You and the refuge from the streets … I offer you today my light springs from the inside. Tu, inventandote a life, a lie is no life without my love. Today I give you my spring.