Nature Energies

At the time of speaking of power plants or power resource, it is important to establish distinctions, because all the sources energetics do not mean the same. It is necessary to differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable energies, because the two are referred types of different natural resources whose use has different consequences. As much renewable and nonrenewable energies imply the use of a resource for the energy production, but all the types of power resources are not equal. Some mean an impact to the destructive environment, and it can contaminate the environment. We present/display next types of energies both. Renewable energies They make reference to the types of energy that are obtained from theoretically inexhaustible natural resources, such as the Earth wind or heat.

It is important to emphasize that in fact the Nature does not have resources themselves, but the man puts elements of the nature to his disposition, and that are apparently inexhaustible on human scale he does not indicate that they are it eternally. The types of renewable energies are classified based on the type of natural resource that use, and we can distinguish most important like: * Solar energy * Aeolian energy * Geothermal energy * Hydraulic energy * Mareomotriz energy Nonrenewable energies These are the types of energy that use present power plants in the nature in limited amounts, and that if they are run out are irreplaceable when not existing a production system for the same. First of them they are the fossil fuels like the coal, the natural gas or the petroleum, that comes from the fossil rest of buried alive beings under the Earth makes million years. Secondly we have nuclear fuels like the uranium Y the plutonium, that are transformed into energy by means of a nuclear reactor. These are cheap and they do not generate emissions, but it generates radioactive waste very dangerous and can cause catastrophes to the environment.