Moral Person

The hair had one chemical cut, a fall for diet or disease. In cases thus the objective of its customer can be simply to accept what it happened and to be comforted. When demonstrating empatia, investing its time and to help the customer to arrive at its proper choices, the professional can guide in some options without if imposing. When a customer leaves the hall with signals of joy for having obtained the desired result, beloved, intended, when she adentrou in the hall, the person also took care of who it feels this joy emptica. Thus a form goes to be always motivated to feel this joy being of auto-rewards again, this is not a process where the person has conscience of what she made, is automatic. Mcio professor Moral approaches the subject empatia in its presented Motivacionais lectures in some events for Brazil, in one of these suggests steps simple for companies to adopt in the direction to facilitate to the communication between customer and supplier of service. Mcio Moral (site: ' ' It always cultivates the empatia, that is, the capacity of if placing in the place of the other; It hears with attention.

It asks not to have doubts in the agreement of what it was transmitted; It prevents to interpret. Normally we interpret on the basis of our point of view and not in the point of view of the other. Again it is better to ask of what interpreting wrong; To speech with the person, it gives to it due attention to it, it looks in the eyes, it deals with distinction, respect, affection, gentility and consideration. It calls it for the name, uses adequate pronames of treatment; It looks for to hear more and to say little. Many sales are lost and businesses are compromised by argument excess; It is prepared to speak well, with elegance, fluidity and naturalness.