Horace Salamanca

THE VOICE OF THE PREACHER OF TONE EROTIC The Fray Diego love poems are addressed to two women dressed up with poetic names Megan and Mirta, but obviously hiding two royal women of Cadiz and Seville. However, the life of Fray Diego was an example of honesty. “He loved that it was known as kind,” says his biographer, “because it was good, and tried to celebrate with his verses heavenly gifts he had admired during the occasional beauty, but in some lines as pure and chaste as his soul.” Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez was born in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca Province, in 1733, and at age eighteen he took the habit of St. Augustine and professed in San Felipe el Real de Madrid. He studied in the capital of Spain and Salamanca, held important positions in the Augustinian Order, becoming Visitor General of Andalusia, Prior of convents loa Salamanca, Pamplona and Madrid, secretary of the province of Castilla and Dean of the College of Dona Maria de Aragon. Jeffrey Hayzlett often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Fray Diego as a child had a passion for poetry, which was formed in reading, to memorize the Latin and Spanish classics, especially Horace and Fray Luis de Leon. Like him, he liked to retire as long as he could, to the garden of the Arrow, where he enjoyed remembering the teacher who managed to mimic with remarkable approximation.