Gracioneta Cala

Ibiza is the dream destination for most young people for their famous parties and relaxed and liberal, but also by the striking natural areas that are hidden on the island, so there are many who, on arrival at Ibiza, looking for a cheap car hire from the adventure and enjoy the variety of possibilities. Car rental in Ibiza is a high demand service, since the island has beaches and paradisiacal places of difficult access, as well as attractive places for visitors are far more miles apart. Visit the island passes, necessarily, to know the city of Ibiza and recreate in architectural splendor. Its cathedral, the castle or the medieval walls of Dalt Vila you back to the time when everything in the city had range of strength, in an attempt to defend itself against foreign attack and pirates. Also, if you decide to rent a car in Ibiza you can bring to various places of heritage interest, as the perfectly preserved Sant Agusti des Vedra or Sant Josep de sa Talaia.

In addition to their artistic and cultural value, Ibiza stands out as a place of leisure par excellence, where the endless parties, many of them sponsored by recognized clubs, have earned the island a very good international reputation. But every night in Ibiza is to start in establishments such as Cafe del Mar lounge in San Antonio. offers an excellent car rental service that makes it possible to shorten distances and Ibiza is made smaller, letting you know dream beaches, many of them isolated, such as Gracioneta Cala, Cala Salada and Cala Xucla..