European Mercantile Powers

It had a complexity for the great European mercantile powers to deflagrar an attack to the English island, a time that this withheld a great naval military power and contributing still more for its isolation. However, the disagreements inside of the English territory were great. Although the king had the prerogative, according to custom, of domain not only of its subjects of England as in that it composes Great-Britain, but did not have this recognition of the sovereignty of the king for Ireland and Esccia. Being thus, it finished for generating conflicts and, consequentemente, in war. If the king is descapitalizado, not having funds to finance a war, is necessary a support of the Common ones. These, on the other hand, perceive that from its commercial privileges, but in the conception of the old regimen still they had a concept of inferiority for being associated to the work. Assuming itself of the protestant ideology, they analyze that: the anglicanismo supports and bases the power of the king, and a time that adopted the belief of the Anglicana Church they would be granting support that is controlled for the king.

Explaining this process, when England makes this rupture with the Church Roman, the proper king passes to be the head of State and the Church. Being thus, if the bourgeois ones that they are being discredited for the king because they are part of the House of commons, in case that assumes the official religion of the State would represent that it would support real politics e, necessarily, not only the point of view as well as economic politician. In this in case that, it were not convenient to this classroom to finance one politics of desire of commercial ascension. However, the revolts, in virtue of the weakness of the king, over all of Ireland and the Esccia made the Common ones to analyze for other perspectives.