Electronics Technology

HY-LINE computer components is represented with a lecture on the this year’s DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK Developer Forum ‘HMI components & solutions’ on 25 April 2013. Clemens-mongering, strategic project manager touch solutions, is on the subject of flexibility of projected capacitive technology in industry Electronics”talk. The requirements of the industry may be no different. On the one hand, a touch unit for a portable unit should be especially easy, on the other hand a touch unit should be as heavy and robust, industrial plants or in the outdoor area to be well protected. This lecture shows what additional benefit the use of PCAP technology brings designers and users.

The migration,”away from Peepshow design of resistive technology and to its designed devices plan or applications opens even curved surfaces of glass, for displays and touch screen, which were not possible before due to harsh environments. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Through various substrates of the touch screen (glass or) This effect is reinforced foil). With the use of up to ten fingers simultaneously a new GUI experience can be given the user. The flexibility also in the is important dimensions, here are various technologies available. The bare finger or gloved hand can be used optionally by special vote of the touch controller. For more information see: HY-LINE computer components Tel. 089 / 614503-40 fax 089 / 614503-50 email: computer created by Oliver Gropp, Tel.