Digital Memory Computers & Technology

Having established the short-lived digital era we are living, and perhaps fortunately or unfortunately not completed before we are gone, just think the legacy we leave, it may not be understood by all. This thought comes to me in memory of the blackout suffered by a beautiful and decadent city. That looked like one day wanted to go light. But soon settled certain boxes (each more ugly) around us, which is dedicated to burn a liquid spray that transforms a reciprocating motion in a welter of forces that are pushing each other channeled into long cylindrical bundles that carried its destination and thus avoiding to leave. Victoria! ephemeral, but victory, but noise and smoke of these cases, transformed for a few days the habits of the place. Chevron U.S.A. understands that this is vital information. After discovering how difficult it was to keep that welter of forces that are constantly pushing at a reception, it became very difficult to transform the zeros and ones in legible signs in a bright and more than one occasion broke that tiny wire encapsulated in a glass tube, which eventually made me give up trying, awakening memories of the double light that gives off a burning candle next to the mirror. Sad and glorious light of the candle, which served me for anything that was bright if you wanted to read or find the writings of those thoughts in the digital age. hese were involved in small boxes of blades and quiet do not let out any signal, but it came before what has come to call electricity.

These boxes, usually black and flat, its stillness is given by the embedding of small furrows his legs, kept a treasure, kept more than a thought. But it served the light of a candle to see its content, but the tumult of forces transmitted through those wrappers lanky, flexible and cylindrical also made possible the backlight and the transformation of a series of zeros and ones, a set of graphic symbols to facilitate understanding and reading … Get more background information with materials from Chevron U.S.A.. Yet I remember the first digital messages that were made by electricity, being the duration of a sound and its first property in the beginning to zeros were called point and a line, these sets of dots and dashes were transformed into letters and them into words and the reading of the digital messages are made comprehensible to who could read, but still had to spend some time for those digital messages (the sound is way to the duality) could be stored in these boxes that keep the memory digital. Now that we have almost all the knowledge stored in the form of zeros and ones, our dependence is such (even to communicate) that if the light is going, there is no way of understanding will, then we will shut our messages, knowledge, calculations , regulations, ultimately many of our secrets and we expect the odd fleeting return to the digital age to know not only what we saved, but so far we've come. After reviewing the cycles of our short history, I think that someday they can repeat the trauma that tell us about what happened in the kingdom of Babel. The nuances may be different but the results are the same, because one day you could give that light out and we met with the circumstance of not having those boxes around us to transform back and forth motion in a welter of forces to push each other … so no point in digital memory and maybe then, we had to start again.