Vermiculture Vegetables

Although you surely know that consuming organic products is better for your health, likely rarely do so. The reason is not because they are not available; any big tent of self-service, where surely you do your shopping, has a section dedicated to organic products, whether natural or processed. See more detailed opinions by reading what Susan-Wojcicki offers on the topic.. The main reason is the price. Depending on what you want to buy, an organic item can cost up to several times what one traditional. This makes the organic is outside the scope of a limited budget, which seems to be the rule at these times.

However, you can have an organic garden in your home that will give you fruit and vegetables of good quality, if you do things well. You have a home garden does not require long and grueling sessions of work. In fact, it is fairly simple and does not require much time per week. Even so, it is the issue of fertilization. To give you quality products, you should fertilize and, if you’re using artificial fertilizers, you take away all the purposes.

For the case, best buy them at the supermarket. Here is where the Vermiculture can come to the rescue. A homemade culture not only will eliminate your organic waste; is going to turn into worm humus, which is, by far, the best natural fertilizer that you are going to get. And the culture nor requires much work, what makes it even more viable. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to your kitchen waste, earthworms will end up with paper, cardboard, grass cuttings and leaves of trees. No matter that so little space you have; many vegetables, like lettuce, peppers and tomatoes can accommodate on the walls, Windows and on any corner you are free. This does not mean that your House will look like a greenhouse, although there’s nothing wrong to stick color well. It should also be mentioned that the presence of plants will improve the atmosphere, will be a lung in the city and will lower the temperature of the area where they are. And this will take you only a couple of hours a week and some minutes daily to irrigate. There are also many implements for automate irrigation and not expensive or need special facilities; only a water outlet. The combination of Vermiculture with organic gardening gives you healthy vegetables and will delete your organic waste, and that will allow you to save a good amount if you planting vegetables of high cost or gourmet. This is recycling. Visit the link to see more about homemade jbr.

Wildschonauer Museum Free

The rustic Valley, which now boasts his new top ten ski area, continues to focus on warm originality and low offers with attractive offers snow villages in the lights, perfect ski slopes and romance of plenty of: who wants to spend Christmas in the mountains, is the dream in white for Grandpa, Grandma and the kids in the Wildschonau Valley. Because the rustic Valley, in which spread four Church villages around 4000 inhabitants and guests quickly become friends, offers virtually unlimited opportunities for all ages. After the merger with the neighbouring Valley gem Wildschonau Alpine Valley are in the new ski”now 145 km of slopes to choose from. Thus we belong”to the top ten ski resorts in Tyrol, tourism Director Thomas Lerch, the special attraction of the Wildschonau Valley but in the sincere originality of the Valley is and meet in the deeply-rooted traditions, the guests here at every step forward. Especially at Christmas, the mood with us is easy unique.” As well as the prices: an apartment for four people there from 50 euros a day, from 23 euros per person in a double room, a bed and breakfast cost and paying in a 3-star hotel with half board from 45 euro in the designated fair-price region Wildschonau. Who likes can incidentally just order his personal Christmas tree for the room with the booking. Invited to the distribution meets you in the Wildschonau traditionally at the midnight mass and will go before perhaps to smoke”: the ancestral custom in all rooms of the House are blessed, includes many families like the Krautinger with his supposed healing powers: the liquor can be burned in the Wildschonau Valley, and only in the Wildschonau Valley, since Empress Maria Theresia gave the farmers the burning right.

Many farmers by the way drive in winter directly from the stall on the slopes, ski lessons, tell of living traditions and of course gladly give you tips for the winter wonder land Wildschonau. Maybe even with Sledge the whole family? One of the most beautiful trails leads the smallest and most place of the Wildschonau Inn, Church and a few dreamy courtyards from the mountain station of the Schatzberg cable car about five kilometres through the untouched winter landscape down to Tair. With the nostalgic trip train reaching out from here back to the valley station in Auffach. Hikers stripes on cleared paths through the loneliness, while cross-country skiers quickly find their favorite track. Or how about for a change even with a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride or a Guided snowshoe tour? The torch-lit hikes, which are regularly offered in the Guest program are particularly attractive.

Numerous services are card with the Wildschonau GasteErlebnis free, which get automatically and presented not only for Christmas holiday. The Wildschonau GasteErlebnis card: the ticket for all cases is free from the first day of arrival. With the enjoy card Wildschonau GasteErlebnis Guests many discounts on leisure activities and a bundle of services. So are both the trips with the ski bus (between Niederau and Auffach) as well as with the nightliner night bus (Thursday through Saturday) free. Who would like to participate in the winter walking program or a snowshoe tour, can follow the guide free of charge. In addition the Wildschonau GasteErlebnis card opens the tourists many Wildschonauer Museum gate. More information: Wildschonau tourist, Hauser Oberau 337, A-6311 Wildschonau, Tel. 0043/(0)5339 8255-0, fax 0043/(0)5339 8255, 50,,