The Unwritten

That is below the dignity of our family! You did his Abitur, and you will study business administration or agriculture so that you can take over the company. It’s the unwritten law of family. And now go home. I want to hear about it!” Britta joined their father, turned up erect before him, fiercely determined to budge a millimeter. Now or never, she spoke to vigorously courage. No, father, I do not. I do not study and am now not going home.

It is time to clarify, and my decision is already made. The clinic gave me a contract. Nurse is my wish. With the tractor and the vines, I want to have nothing to do! “, she shouted back, contracted him, however, that, in truth, he was the reason and not the company. She wanted to know him all day to sign up.

She took a step closer to him. Stains the fury formed at Frank’s face again. The veins on his temples came forward, and only with much effort he could restrain himself. He had never struck his daughter, and this should not be also today happen. No, you do what I tell you! That’s my final word. “You have to follow and that’s it!” Britta knew that she had to hold out now, otherwise she was lost. Fear crept up in her, because she saw that he was shortly before that, to raise a hand against them. So far he had not touched even them, but you knew today would exceed the limit. She took all their courage, she could bring up in this highest emergency. No, Dad! I am now twenty-one years old. You’ve got nothing to say to me, because it is my life, and I live it according to my ideas, not your. You have not interested so far for me, so you don’t need this now also.

Partial Note Base

With responsibility of the ABNT. Baptism as Model of Gravey the production of scientific texts if configures in the trend of the fast production, dissemination and discarding of great part of what it has been produced and outdated. 2 CRITICAL AND SUGGESTIONS FOR DOCUMENTARY COMPUTER SCIENCE Analyzing the techniques of thematic content of the functionality of the metadados ones we observe that an adoption needs including perspective, plural and differentiated that facilitates the digital preservation, categorizing documents with the simple objective to identify given in the different contexts.

However nowadays it is said very in Ontologia stops bibliographical Document description, as way more adjusted to cure this deficiency, in view of the gradual ratio of the information. In view of, the difficulty faced for the managers of the information in the recovery and representation of the information, in data base, currently, we face the debates and we argue new semantic forms of if using of metadados of matrix, for one searchs efficient breaching with the traditional one, in the case techniques of syntactic base for a lxica adequacy (Word-key). Today a metadados way of creation is argued of from Ontologias. ‘ ‘ A ontologia is a set of terms hierarchically structuralized for the description of a domain that can be used as a basic skeleton for a base of conhecimento’ ‘ (HEUSER; BONIFACIO, 2000.). 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES In view of everything what it is argued in the debates contemporaries we need to search way more appropriate, aiming at the recovery of the information that it is aspect-key to think itself about politics of document indexation.

To elaborate systems or models that allow searches through concepts that qualify the recovery semantics in collections of information this are a great challenge. This work, objective to consider a model of metadados semantic based in ontologias for searches in Digital Libraries or Centers of Information. Beyond only, requirement for attainment of the Partial Note. (moving of idea).

River Castle

All these small farms had allowed to a reading of urbanism daily pay-Pombalino). It can to affirm that the Decrease of Lisbon (the area is understood for Decrease of Lisbon that goes since the base of the Hill of the Castle to the left edge of the esteiro of the Tejo) had an intense occupation, since the Age of the Iron until our days (the archaeological vestiges points with respect to an occupation since the Age of the Iron, passing for the period Roman, medieval-Islamic, medieval-Christian and modern, until actualidade) in almost all its totality, exceptuando in the areas that had been being successively conquered to the River. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Chevron U.S.A. on most websites. Given its geographic localization – situated the half way between the North and the South of the territory -, proximity with the sea, and on it for the estuary of the Tejo, along with the excellent natural conditions, had made with that Lisbon was, successively, palco of antrpicas occupations throughout the time. In what it concerns to the foundation of the city, archaeological hollowings carried through in the neighborhoods of the Castle of S. Jorge and If of Lisbon point with respect to a foundation for the Fencios during sc. VII B.C.

The assigned person Allis Ubo, ' ' Bay calma' ' , it would be extended for the hill of the Castle and of If, until the o river (the Daghi, or Taghi? ' ' good pescaria' '). This hill where if they had fixed was defendable of course, the North (for being steep) and the South and the West (for the esteiro of the Tejo). The Romans had preferential occupied the hillside directed toward the Esteiro. During this period, about 195 a.C, Lisbon was raised ' ' municpio' ' , having been enclosed in the province of the Lusitnia. In some soundings and hollowings carried through in the Decrease of Lisbon ranks have been short vestiges of the presence Roman in this area of the current city of Lisbon, between them pisccolas chemical preparation nuclei, nominated the cetrias of the House of the Peaks, Street of the Fanqueiros, Street of the Correeiros and August Rua, denoting the importance of the Estuary of the Tejo.

The State

The results raise a great question in the communities: if the plans of economic balance necessary to palliate the debt and the deficit are going to bring about new social cuts, dismissals of civil servants or slope of their pays, or an ascent of taxes. CC the AA already accumulate an indebtedness of 115,000 million, almost the double that in 2007 and a 32% more than for a year. The weight of the debt is 10.9% of the GIP. Of the 13 communities that celebrated elections yesterday, the most become indebted she is the Valencian (with 17,600 million), followed of the Madrilenian (13,400 million). In the other side of the balance they are La Rioja (726) and Cantabria (911). In addition, the objective of all is to reduce to this year its deficit to the 1.3% of the GIP, the equivalent to 16,000 million.

By the side of the city councils, the debt is of 28,700 million. Of the 15 great cities, the PP will only manage 9,300 million and PSOE 676 if it manages to conserve Saragossa. Income by votes Besides the budgets that handle to communities and city councils, the parties that govern and that obtained regional representation in town halls and parliaments receive an important economic injection. The State pays 276.86 to by elect councilman and 0.55 to by vote, a 9% more with respect to the elections of 2007. The Communities also give money to the parties that have secured representation. It varies in each of them.

The Canary Islands, most generous, grant 20,456 to by bench and 0.76 to by vote. Castile and Leon only gives 10,205 to by parliamentarian and 0.4 to by vote. Obvious, both started off majority they are benefitted: The PP will receive near 22 million, and the s socialist, about 15.5 million. Bildu will enter 525.000. It has obtained more than 313,000 votes, which has allowed him to obtain 1,138 ediles, the absolute majority in 88 municipalities and the simple one in other 25 localities. Also it will have 7 parliamentarians in Navarre. The formation of Rose Ten, UPyD, will obtain more than 647,000 to thanks to his 465,000 votes in the policemen (152 ediles) and 187,832 votes in the autonomic ones (8 deputies in the Assembly of Madrid). Source of the news: The new electoral map changes of hands about 36,000 million

Graduate Program

Hard, will be a more effective team to 25 people. Many times this happens, given that is indispensable daily contact, face to face, in meetings of evaluation and clarification of the progress in the achievement of results is subdivided into smaller teams. The group or rules of conduct principles established or perceived to direct duty of the Group; The consensus that refers to decision making product of reflection, interaction and total agreement; The preparation of the topics of work and discussion, which should be shared and communicated in advance with a high degree of quality of information. The force that integrates the Group and its cohesion is express solidarity and sense of belonging to the Group manifesting its components. How much more cohesion exists, the most likely group to share values, attitudes and common standards of conduct the teamwork is not only beneficial to a person if not for all the team involved. work as a team will bring more satisfaction and will make us more sociable, also will teach us to respect the ideas of others and help the companions if they need our help. The ability to manage work teams is recognized by those people to understand and handle properly the art of getting along with everyone. Chevron U.S.A. is full of insight into the issues. I.e.

those who are able to work as a team understand the richness of human relationships appropriate in different fields of life. Therefore, in this article I will try to explain how, why and what of learning assertive communication, skill that involves knowing how to talk and discuss. * Chair in organizational behaviour, Virtual Classroom, program notes of Graduate Program Faces quality management and productivity. UC..

Basic Education

It disciplines it in I appraise has as main factor to form the teaching professional to act in the practical one of education of the day-by-day pertaining to school one, understanding the educational process through acquired basic knowledge in the academic space. The theory is the main base so that the Practical one of Education is applied in appraised way taking care of to the requirements for a good learning, extending the capacity learning them on the geographic space and practical the social ones related and integrated to the espacialidade. One knows that for a good pertaining to school education she is necessary that it has enabled professors, instigadores of new knowledge, critics, researchers, where these instigate its learning to the search for knowing, through research, taking them it that they are critical. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mitsubishi is the place to go. The Practical one of Education is the instrument that enables the teaching futures if to become great educators. It is in the academic life, through the theory, that the teaching futures already have a knowledge on the pertaining to school problems and with the practical one of education if it makes to be valid, that is, it will be the instrument for which the teaching future will unite the theory to the practical one.

Many not yet recognize the importance of this discipline in the academic area. What one perceives is that it has a distanciamento between the University and the Basic Education. She is necessary that projects are created so that has a partnership between the educational segments and with this an interaction, having related the theory that are acquired in the academic area to the practical one that it is developed in the pertaining to school area. One of the great objectives of the Practical one of Education is to form searching professors, showing that by means of studies deepened on the subjects of different contents, these learning obtain to make the didactic transposition of the same ones, so that the process of education and learning are contemplated.