The Valley

It is limited a Noroeste (NW) with the Suriname and French Guyana, Nordeste (NE) with the Atlantic Ocean, the Southeast (IF) with the system of Estuarinas islands of the River Amazon and the Southwest (sw) with the State of Par. For the interaction of the components of the environment and bitico, in different space and secular scales, the ecosystems and the great paisagsticas units originate. Thus, considering the macroscenes that compose the amapaense space, its predominant ecosystems can thus be visualized: ) the unit of the forest landscape (forest of firm land, fertile valley forest, kills of igap and manguezal) and b) unit of the campestre landscape (fertile valley open pasture and field). In the State of the Amap, the fertile valley forest approximately occupies 4.8% of the surface of the State.

It corresponds the typical landscape of the hidrogrfica basin of the Amazonian one and occupies recent lands of the left edge of the Canal North of Amazon and great part of the areas of influence of the main rivers that entrecortam the region. Fisionomicamente, the fertile valley forest is marked by the presence of species of high transport and by the wealth of palms, that constitute one of the elements most characteristic of these environments. In the functionality of this ecosystem, it is distinguished regularity of its regimen of flooding, that in bigger degree, is caused by the movement of the tides.